The Sweet Home Alabama finalist shares the ultimate code for finding true and lasting love.

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Alabama native Bubba Thompson lives by a code of honesty, respect, determination and faith with his family, his ranches and his animals. Now, this modern day cowboy brings his code of conduct to relationships. In THE COWBOY CODE (June Road Media Publishing; on sale September 3, 2013), he shares tons of straightforward tips, personal anecdotes, easy to follow advice and even some revealing moments from past relationships. 

After Sweet Home Alabama, Thompson received thousands of letters from people around the country saying that they “wished there were more real cowboys out there.” His response was, “There are!”

 THE COWBOY CODE helps anyone looking for love (male and female) to learn the basic code of behavior for finding lasting love and what treatment to insist upon when dating someone new. It’s a straightforward and honest account by Thompson of his journey to love and the lessons he has learned along the way.  Thompson shares a new set of rules – ones that truly are a guide for finding lasting love, not games to trick someone into liking you. He teaches the code of conduct – where your words matter, a handshake is all it takes to seal a deal, and where you look someone in the eye and mean what you say.

THE COWBOY CODE is about the cowboy philosophies he has been taught and how everyone can use them to find more happiness. It’s about the little things that women can do to make sure they have a man who will act honorably, one who will treat them the way they deserve to be treated. It’s about planning the right kind of dates to really get to know someone—and knowing it matters both at the start of a new romance, and in keeping a long-term relationship fresh and alive.

You CAN learn little things to do as a woman to make sure your man will act honorably and treat you as you deserve to be treated. As a man, you can plan the right kinds of dates to really get to know someone. It’s about what you should do at the start of a relationship and down the road in a long-term relationship to keep the romance alive.

As Bubba says “ It’s not about expensive gifts and playing games. It simply comes down to putting values and emotions to work in the areas of love and relationships. Men will read this and find nothing more sacred in the world than treating a lady right and women will realize the importance of insisting on being treated like a lady.

The realistic, affordable, and doable advice in THE COWBOY CODE will show you how.